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One of the things that makes mankind different from the rest of creation is that God has a unique relationship ...
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Book Review: The Normal Christian Life

The Normal Christian Life Watchman Nee Tyndale 1957, 1977 Watchman Nee, significant leader of the church movement in China, walks ...
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How to Rejuvenate Your Prayer Life

The discrepancy is right there, how could anyone miss it?! In the first creation account, Genesis 1, it states that vegetation ...
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Hope in the Genealogy

As we approach Christmas, it's natural to start thinking about the birth of Jesus. We typically think of Mary and ...
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Book Review: Simply Jesus

Simply Jesus Author: N.T. Wright Publisher: Harper Collins 2018 "Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it ...
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It is quite remarkable that one can purchase a cast iron frying pan for a little over $20. Think about ...
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