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Want to start learning the Bible? Having trouble with your prayer life?

Start with Jesus!

This is for you! I put together this free 31 day prayer and reading plan that focuses on the life of Jesus:

31 Days with Jesus.


New Posts to Encourage & Inspire

Fighting For Unity

Before Jesus went to the cross he prayed for unity ...
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No Perfect Moment

A lot of people think there is a perfect moment ...
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Gudibande Hill India

God Came Down

Living in Salt Lake City I am blessed with spectacular ...
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Letting Go of Shame

Letting Go of Shame

How do you let go of shame? Shame rips out ...
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Procrastination, Productivity, Leadership, Influence

Killing Procrastination

Procrastination is a not a one time fight. It is ...
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Jesus Spent Tiem with the Wrong People

Jesus and the Wrong People

The religious leaders of didn’t understand why Jesus spent time ...
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