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Jesus Restores

Jesus Restores

Jesus Restores

Jesus was about 6 months into his ministry and was teaching the crowds. People were watching him and listening to his words. Their hearts were captivated by his presence and authority. There are a few moments in the gospel records where we can see how Jesus invited the disciples to follow him.

In one of these moments Matthew recalls that James and John were mending their nets when Jesus called them to follow him (Matthew 4:22). Mending nets is a normal and necessary task for those who make their living from fishing. Even today as you go alongside the coast you will see nets stretched out being dried and mended. Fishermen are preparing their equipment for another day of fishing.

It’s similar to what Jesus does for us. With all our brokenness, our shame, and our guilt, Jesus invites us to follow him. And as we follow him, he mends us. Interestingly, the word Matthew used for mend is katartidzo. Elsewhere, the word is translated restore. It means to repair, to complete, to equip, to make what ought to be.

I know that some of you are going through struggles. However, I am confident that God will mend you. He will restore you to “what ought to be.” I know it might not fee like it at times, but God is working. He is a master craftsman, and he loves you enough to mold you into who you were created to be.

Trust in his mending.


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