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What’s Your Plan?

Bible Engagement

Bible Engagement

What’s Your Plan

What if I could tell you how to feel less lonely? Or I could give you ways to overcome bitterness in your relationships or how to finally deal with your anger issue?

The answer to these issues available.

Bible Engagement Study

The study for Bible engagement conducted a study of 400,000 people about their engagement of Scripture. They discovered some things along the way. For those who engaged with Scripture one, two, or three times per week life change was minimal. However, for those who engaged in Scripture four times per week life transformation was radical. 

  • Feeling lonely drops 30%
  • Anger issues drops 32%
  • Bitterness in relationships drops 40%
  • Alcoholism drops 52%
  • Feeling spiritually stagnant drops 20%
  • pornography 61%

Not only did the study show transformation in areas of life that are seen as vices, but there were positive results as well.

  • Sharing your faith increases 200%
  • Discipleship increases 230%

Here is a link to the study: The Power of 4 Effect

Here is a link to a video outlining what was mentioned above: Reading the Bible 4X Per Week

A Way Forward

Many people are intimidated by the Bible. They don’t know where to start and it’s confusing. This is understandable as it was written in a different time and culture. This is also why Dr. Mark More wrote the book Core 52. As a Bible professor he understood the value of Scripture in people’s lives. He chose 52 of the most powerful passages in Scripture to help people get a better grasp of God’s Word.

Core 52 is a great place to start if you are looking for a way to engage Scripture on a daily basis.

Another great resource YouVersion. This Bible reading app is easy to navigate and has countless reading plans to help you along your way.

I put together a 31 day Bible reading plan that focuses on the life of Jesus. You can download it free here: 31 Days With Jesus.

So, what’s your plan? 



  1. Pamela and Paul Williamson

    A group of us are following the BEMA podcasts as a supplement to our preacher’s study of Matthew. We are listening to earlier podcasts for historical perspective as well as the ones that pertain to the chapter Tony is in.

    • Mike Packer

      That’s great! You have an excellent preacher and Marty is a wonderful teacher. He has spoken at Southeast a few times. We are closely tied with his ministry: Impact Campus Ministries.

      There is certainly power in studying in groups. I love how others bring out applications of the text that I have missed!

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